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Pitch Perfect

January 1, 2008


Originally published in Bookforum: If you were a movie mogul and had to choose between funding a documentary on the history of twentieth-century classical music and one on rock, which would you select? The average businessperson would probably opt for the latter. Me, I’d wager on classical without a second thought. The history of classical […]

Schumann Anatomy

September 1, 2007


Originally published in Bookforum: As I write this, I’m humming the opening bars of Schumann’s Papillons (1829–31), one of his earliest compositions for piano, a piece I haven’t played, let alone heard, in at least six years. I can recall these notes because I remember the visceral pleasure of playing an ascending scale in octaves, […]

Kind of Bleu

January 1, 2006


Originally published in Bookforum: Jazz has long been labeled “America’s classical music,” a title some, like Wynton Marsalis and the board of Jazz at Lincoln Center, work hard to espouse, and one that still others hold responsible for the genre’s fossilization. What neither group contests is that the audience for jazz is waning in America, […]