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Emerging Voices: Stephanie Hanson on Empowering Female Smallholder Farmers

November 27, 2012


Originally published on Emerging Voices features regular contributions from scholars and practitioners highlighting new research, thinking, and approaches to development challenges. This article is from Stephanie Hanson, director of policy and outreach at One Acre Fund. She explains the specific obstacles facing Africa’s female farmers and One Acre Fund’s model for addressing them. Meet […]

FARC, ELN: Colombia's Left-Wing Guerrillas

August 19, 2009


Originally published on Introduction Colombia, one of the closest U.S. allies in Latin America, has been ravaged for decades by a civil war pitting left-wing guerrilla groups against right-wing paramilitary organizations. The two predominant rebel groups–the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (known by its Spanish acronym, FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN)–are included […]

Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa

August 6, 2009


Originally published on Introduction Africa is widely considered among the world’s most corrupt places, a factor seen as contributing to the stunted development and impoverishment of many African states. Of the ten countries considered most corrupt in the world, six are in sub-Saharan Africa, according to Transparency International, a leading global watchdog on corruption. […]

Brazil on the International Stage

July 21, 2009


Originally published in Introduction In the past several years, Brazil has assumed a more prominent voice on global trade and energy issues. As the global financial crisis took hold in 2008, Brazil appeared poised to recover more quickly than many others due to strong industrial and agricultural exports. Brazil’s economic rise has led it […]

Combating Maritime Piracy

April 23, 2009


Introduction Maritime piracy has been on the rise for years, according to the International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) Piracy Reporting Center. But until 2008, when pirates operating off the coast of Somalia hijacked a ship full of Russian tanks and an oil supertanker, the crime drew limited international attention. By early 2009, more than a dozen […]

Leading Africa

April 22, 2009


Originally published on Introduction South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are considered sub-Saharan Africa’s anchor states. Each country is the financial and infrastructure hub of its subregion, and each has played a robust role in regional peace and security. The United States has supported these states with the expectation that each would foster stability among […]

U.S.-Mexico Relations Timeline

April 16, 2009


This three-part interactive timeline, published on, looks at the history of U.S.-Mexico relations from independence to present.


February 27, 2009


Originally published on Introduction Al-Shabaab (aka the Harakat Shabaab al-Mujahidin, al-Shabab, Shabaab, the Youth, Mujahidin al-Shabaab Movement, Mujahideen Youth Movement, Mujahidin Youth Movement), is an Islamic organization that controls much of southern Somalia, excluding the capital, Mogadishu. It has waged an insurgency against Somalia’s transitional government and its Ethiopian supporters since 2006. Originally the […]

Mexico's Drug War

November 20, 2008


Originally published on Introduction In recent years, Mexico’s drug cartels have waged increasingly violent battles with one another as well as with the Mexican government. Upon taking office in December 2006, Mexican President Felipe Calderon deployed thousands of federal troops in an aggressive crackdown on drug-related violence. Yet death tolls continue to rise. There […]

Africa and the International Criminal Court

July 28, 2008


Originally published on Introduction In July 2008, the chief prosecutor of the six-year-old International Criminal Court (ICC) presented evidence that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir committed genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in Darfur. The announcement rekindled a debate over the purpose of the world’s first permanent court dealing with grave crimes. The ICC […]