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Governments Can Do More to Unlock Innovation and Support Market Growth in the Agriculture Sector

May 20, 2015


Originally published in The Aspen Journal of Ideas, and co-authored with Jennifer Ragland: Imagine a vibrant market in a village in Sub-Saharan Africa, filled with vendors selling lush tomatoes, hearty ears of corn, ripe mangos, and a myriad of other fruits, vegetables, and grains. Where did all that food come from? Where did the farmers […]

Bridging the Microfinance Gap for Smallholder Farmers

December 16, 2014


Originally published in the FT’s This is Africa: Microfinance is widely known for the incredible speed with which it has scaled to reach hundreds of millions of people, and the positive effect it has had in reducing poverty. However, what many people do not know is that most of these microfinance institutions are located in […]

What the Global Food Security Act of 2013 can do for agriculture development

August 8, 2013


Originally published on the ONE blog, and co-authored with David Hong, agriculture policy manager at the ONE Campaign: Smallholder farmers are the largest population of poor people in the world. If we want to tackle global poverty, we have to address agriculture. The US government has prioritized agriculture development in Feed the Future, its $3.5 billion global hunger […]

Is Feed the Future delivering results? Yes – with some limitations.

July 10, 2013


Originally published on the ONE blog, and co-authored with David Hong, agriculture policy manager at the ONE Campaign: After participating in a Feed the Future loan program, Robai Nyongesa drastically increased her maize yield and is selling the surplus to improve the house she lives in with her three children. Photo credit: Feed the Future […]

Adopting A Scalable Operating Model Tailored to African Smallholders

May 31, 2013


Originally published in Ag4Impact’s 8 Views for the G8 report, and co-authored with Andrew Youn, executive director of One Acre Fund: Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the world’s six major crop regions, and it is the only one that has the potential for significant yield improvements. Farmers in sub-Saharan Africa use 15 times less fertilizer […]

To Serve the Poorest Clients, Earned Income Isn’t Enough

January 29, 2013


Originally published on the Harvard Business Review blog, and co-authored with Matt Forti: The recent explosion of interest in impact investing has generated much talk about breaking the shackles of the traditional philanthropic model. The concept seems appealing — incremental investment enters the “social impact” market in the form of below-market loans or equity, incenting […]

Enrollment Season in Kenya

November 11, 2010


Here in Bungoma, the entire month of November feels like the first day of school. We’ve hired a bunch of new field officers, and promoted the stars to field managers and assistant field directors, and everyone is busy enrolling new farmers for the next planting season. We’re up to 30,000 farmers in Kenya and Rwanda, […]

Circumcision Ceremonies and Harvesting

August 5, 2010


It’s the beginning of August, which in Kenya means maize harvesting, and–because it’s an even-numbered year–circumcision ceremonies. On almost every drive I take out to the field, I’ll see several groups of adolescent boys, running along the side of the road and singing. Several days before the actual ceremony, boys go to the homes of […]

The Hills of Rwanda

June 29, 2010


I’m writing from the balcony of One Acre Fund’s headquarters in Tyazo, Rwanda, a little village on the edge of Lake Kivu, not too far from the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lots of Rwandans have never been to this part of Rwanda–when I arrived a few weeks ago, I drove down with […]