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Making "Hamsterdam" an Option

August 7, 2009


Originally published in Cato Unbound: In season three of The Wire, the HBO series on drugs and politics in Baltimore, Major Howard “Bunny” Colvin finds a way to decrease crime in his district and “clean up the corners.” His solution? A “free zone” of abandoned rowhouses where he tells neighborhood drug dealers they can peddle […]

U.S.-Mexico Relations Timeline

April 16, 2009


This three-part interactive timeline, published on, looks at the history of U.S.-Mexico relations from independence to present.

Mexico's Drug War

November 20, 2008


Originally published on Introduction In recent years, Mexico’s drug cartels have waged increasingly violent battles with one another as well as with the Mexican government. Upon taking office in December 2006, Mexican President Felipe Calderon deployed thousands of federal troops in an aggressive crackdown on drug-related violence. Yet death tolls continue to rise. There […]