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Angola's Political and Economic Development

July 21, 2008


Originally published in Introduction In April 2008, Angola quietly surpassed Nigeria to become Africa’s top oil producer. The country’s gross domestic product is projected to grow nearly 16 percent this year, placing Angola among the fastest growing economies in the world. Business is booming in Luanda, the capital, where Bentleys and luxury SUVs speed […]

China, Africa, and Oil

June 6, 2008


Originally published on Introduction As global demand for energy continues to rise, major players like the United States, European Union (EU), and Japan are facing a new competitor in the race to secure long-term energy supplies: China. As its economy booms, China is intent on getting the resources needed to sustain its rapid growth, […]

African Agriculture

May 28, 2008


Originally published on Introduction Global food prices have skyrocketed in the past year, sparking riots in 2008 in cities from Egypt to Haiti. Rising prices pose a particular threat in sub-Saharan Africa, where conflicts and drought exacerbate the affects of high prices. Though sub-Saharan Africa has the potential to become an agriculture powerhouse, crop […]

Somalia's Transitional Government

May 12, 2008


Originally published on Introduction On January 8, 2007, Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed set foot in the capital city of Mogadishu for the first time since taking office in 2004. His arrival symbolized a victory by Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) over the Islamic Courts, a group of fundamentalist Islamic militias that had grown […]

Understanding Kenya's Politics

January 25, 2008


Originally published on Introduction Until late 2007, Kenya was considered one of the most stable countries in Africa. It has functioned as East Africa’s financial and communications hub, the headquarters of many international nongovernmental organizations, and a magnet for tourism. Analysts looked favorably upon its healthy and broad-based economic expansion under President Mwai Kibaki, […]

Colombia’s Right-Wing Paramilitaries and Splinter Groups

January 11, 2008


Originally published on Introduction Colombia’s civilians have been caught in the middle of turf battles between leftist guerilla groups and right-wing paramilitary organizations for decades. In 2003, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe took a step to quell the violence associated with at least one of those actors when he signed a peace deal with the […]

Crisis Guide: Darfur

December 1, 2007


2008 News & Documentary Emmy Award winner, published on

Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa

October 1, 2007


Originally published on Introduction Due to efforts by nongovernmental groups such as the Save Darfur Coalition and celebrities like the Irish rock star Bono, pressure to address sub-Saharan Africa’s high poverty levels has grown exponentially in recent years. Much of this attention continues to focus on rural populations: Prominent economists and policymakers aim to […]

Darfur's Peace Process

June 18, 2007


Originally published on Introduction In May 2006, the Sudanese government signed a peace agreement with one of the rebel groups in Sudan’s western Darfur region. Yet one year later, the agreement is seen as a failure. Security has deteriorated and rebel groups have proliferated. International efforts have focused on pressing Khartoum to accept the […]

U.S. Africa Command

May 3, 2007


Originally published on Introduction In February 2007, President Bush announced the creation of a unified military command for Africa. This puts the continent on par, in the Pentagon’s eyes and command structure, with the Pacific Rim (Pacific Command), Europe (European Command), Latin America (Southern Command), the Middle East (Central Command), and North America (Northern […]